Brakes & Exhaust

Brake Repair & Replacement in Liverpool

Your brakes help your car stop so obviously they play a vital part in the safety of your car. They’re also an item that’s tested during an MOT. Your braking system comes in a number of parts and they all vary slightly depending on your vehicle size and manufacturer. However, here are a few of the parts of the system.

  1. Brake Pad: This is the main part that generally needs to be replaced.
  2. Brake Disc: Your pads, grip your disc and that’s how your vehicle stops.
  3. Brake Pedal: Never really needs changing unless it’s used incorrectly or inadvertently damaged.
  4. Brake Lines: These carry fluid from your pedal, to the brake pads that clamps them.
  5. Brake Cylinder: This is converts your pedal push into power at your brake pads to stop the vehicle. They can suffer from wear to the seals around them.
  6. Brake Fluid: This is an integral part as it connects the pedal to the pads via the cylinder. Without fluid, your car will not stop.

So as you can see, it’s not as straight forward. Maintaining this system for safe stopping in Liverpool is important. 

Get Your Brakes Checked Regularly

We recommend that you have your brakes checked at least once every 3 months. Or, if you drive a lot, get them checked every 10,000 miles. Not only will it save your life, but it can save your wallet too. A regular brake check can ensure you need less expensive parts replaced. Ensuring you have clean and high quality fluid in the lines will reduce the corrosion and improve the life of your vehicle. Get booked in for a brake check today.

Exhaust Replacement

So we’ve all seen your exhaust. It’s the big piece coming out of the back of the car. It’s job is simple at first look, however, there are a lot more complex reasons for the parts of it and it’s design. A petrol car has a totally different system to a diesel and the very modern systems are a lot more advanced than you’d ever imagine. 

Their original, intended job, is to expel the fumes from your engine when the fuel has finished burning. The reason it gets complicated involves the environment as well as fuel economy. This is exactly what VW landed themselves in hot water a few years back. The claimed the exhaust systems done the job to a particular spec, however, they were wide of the mark in reality. That aside, its important to keep your exhaust in great condition. As it deals with hot gasses it is very likely to suffer from failure.

Exhaust With Holes In (Blowing Exhaust)

This is the most common exhaust fault. You’ll hear a bubbling noise but it can be extremely loud. Once the exhaust starts blowing, your cars fuel economy goes through the floor. The pressure here is a fine tuned system and without it, your car will put more fuel into the engine to burn which is then wasted out of the exhaust. So if you’ve got a blowing exhaust, get it repaired or replaced right now!

Can My Exhaust Be Welded?

This depends on a number of factors. The main factor is the position of the failure. If it’s in a nice easy position, not near any joints or other vital exhaust parts, then yes. However, if it’s near your catalytic convertor or diesel particulate filter then it’s very unlikely. You would not want to cause any unnecessary damage here.

If you feel your exhaust could do with some looking after drop us a call today. Our team will get you booked in for an exhaust repair as soon as possible.